About Us

LPM-CM provides professional management and consulting services for a variety of construction, industrial and real estate developments projects. We serve our clients by acting as their exclusive agent throughout the planning, design and construction phases, helping ensure that quality, cost and schedule objectives are met. 

​We work closely with the client to evaluate design and construction alternatives and establish priorities. Our expertise in budgeting, coordination, scheduling, construction, and contracts fills the gaps left by many traditional construction practices. 

LPM-CM evolves around transparency principles of honesty, commitment, and understanding team success by extending an innovative personal approach to each project. Our hand on management has assured project owners with a personal and responsive attention to each of the client's needs as well as custom tailored services to meet their specific objectives, takes and concerns under pressure for success. 

Our firm takes particular pride in the ability to formulate detailed schematics followed by an enhanced preliminary budget from conceptual design plans and present a realistic and detailed cost proposal in a professional manner with scheduling and forecast items such as budgetary and procurement that are critical for a successful turnover transition closing with the end user. 

LPM-CM Design Build knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

Mission Statement